We offer integrated solutions in terms of domiciliation, supervisory audit, legal support and liquidation process. Our team includes experts providing an efficient and tailor-made assistance in perfect line with all legal requirements.

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Corporate Services

The scope of the domiciliation and corporate services we offer in addition to our accounting and consolidation services includes a wide range of in-house and outsourced services to be rendered during the companies’ life-cycle including, but not limited to, the following services:


  • Incorporation of Luxembourg companies and ancillary services
  • General corporate secretary writing of any corporate documentation
  • Liaison with Luxembourg authorities and external services providers
  • Provision of independent directors’ mandates
  • Provision of recurring or punctual management services (e.g. legal signatories)


  • Provision of Commissaire’s mandate
  • Performance of appropriate audit procedures
  • Issuance of the report of the Commissaire on the annual accounts or liquidation accounts


  • Mandates of independent liquidator and/or Commissaire à la liquidation
  • Definition of a timetable in relation to the liquidation process
  • Coordination tasks with all parties involved
  • Organization and holding of shareholders‘ meetings, including secretarial tasks
  • Handling of the entire liquidation process
  • Issuance of the report on the liquidation
  • Performance of post-liquidation’s steps


  • Provision of registered office in compliance with applicable Luxembourg laws
  • Handling of the correspondence, communications and notifications
  • Daily administration and third parties relationships management
  • Follow-up of bank accounts and organization of general payments
  • Maintenance of shareholders registers, accounting, electronic data and physical files
  • Hosting of meetings