General Data Protection Regulation – Consent for candidates for employment

In May 2018, the law changes the way companies register, store and use individuals’ personal data. The previous data protection act covers how this is managed, but this new GDPR law means that we have to change some of our work practices.

As a business, we must collect and store data about you to enable us to process your application. The GDPR laws place another (and new) obligation for employers to tell their jobseekers in more detail why we collect your data, what we do with it, and how long we expect to keep it.

We want to obtain your informed consent about the data we may hold about you, as this allows you to better understand how we will use your data.

We do not plan to transfer your data outside the EEA.

Your consent is requested

We would like to collect your consent to keep personal and specific information about you so that we can process your application for employment.

The data we wish to obtain and hold (a range of examples provided, but not limited to)

  Data type Why we want to process your data How long will it be kept
1 Recruitment data

Previous employersTypes of jobs in other companiesPrevious salaries

Skills and qualifications obtained

Spoken languages

This will allow us to make a decision on your fitness for purpose / commitmentThis will help us decide which department. you can be the most appropriate The data obtained during the recruitment will be preserved only if your request was refused then destroyed after 2 years


Agreement to use my data

I give freely to my potential Value Partners employer my consent to use and process my personal data relating to my application for employment (Examples are listed above). 

By giving my consent:

I understand that I may request to see this data to verify its accuracy at any time via an access request.

I understand that I can request a copy of my personal data held on me at any time, and that the request is free.

I understand that I can request that the data be destroyed on request, exercising my right to be forgotten.

I understand that if I do not take any action, my data will be destroyed after 2 years.

I understand that the managers of the Value Partners company and I can contact them directly if I have any questions or concerns. Their e-mail address is .

I understand that if I am not satisfied with the way the company uses my data, I can file a complaint with the responsible government agency